…These high-energy blues deconstruct French style …
– Their mindset ? “Being unconventional”
– Their style? : ”To have some”
– How do they do it? ” With old style craftsmanship of rock’nroll …”
Christian Casoni – Rock’n Folk – April 2016
“…10 tracks of very good ‘vintage’ rock, powerful and heavy, which makes you want to break the speed limit in a Chevrolet, scream and empty a pint in a split second. Each instrument is mastered, the band plays to perfection…
SONGAZINE – Jérôme – February 2016
… Jesus Volt patiently continues to rise and confirms with this groovy blues-rock album that they are a major French group. Thanks to Jesus Volt for this excellent album…”
…Jesus Volt, which in their career, have opened for Ten Years After, Popa Chubby , Joe Bonamassa and ZZ Top , is among the greatest and best of French groups … The combo offers a concert carved in the rock, with a sound that rips a hell of a punch , incendiary solos and a good feeling over all as they know how and what to do with every song. Blues and rock, with energy to spare and happy revolt, you will find no better antidote to the ambient gloom than these devils of Jesus Volt…
AMONG THE LIVING – Stéphan Birlouez – March 2016
Jesus Volt is a mood, warm with the smell of whiskey, rock’n roll and blues. The concert this evening will remain an anthological concert, and those who were there surely will not regret having spent St Patrick’s on the French side…”
AMONG THE LIVING – Marc Richard – March 2016
Jesus Volt gave an electrifying concert at Magic Mirrors … The four musicians sent a heavy, powerful sound to shake the entire marquee in front of a dense audience
PARIS NORMANDIE – February 2016
…On stage, it’s rock brimming with energy.. Jesus Volt, over the years and concerts has been able to build a loyal and passionate audience . This one came and were not disappointed by the flawless delivery of the Parisian group …
BLUES ALIVE 76 – Eric – June 2016
“… As usual with Jesus Volt, the result subtly combines beautiful big slaps and caresses. The beautiful voices and guitars get us excited, we remain in an unstoppable swing …
ROCK MADE IN France – Hervé – March 2016
Tribute to all those legends – living or dead, Jesus Volt: a deep and captivating voice, an unstoppable bluesy groove
… The combo is really a pure rock’n roll band, with class, as were the Dogs in their time …
SUD-OUEST – Dominique Laboulbé – July 2016
“…They are all four brilliant …”
Christian Casoni – BLUES AGAIN – March 2016
“… The album JESUS VOLT holds some pearls of Blues Rock that are bold and dark. It must be discovered…”
LA GROSSE RADIO – Yann Landry – April 2016
… In the end, this new album is a beautiful show of force from Jesus Volt who has always been able to explode the good old daddy’s rock … Great job guys, and keep up the good work…
… Jesus Volt explosive delivery… Hoarsely and rock voice, crazy guitars of impeccable rhythm section, the Parisians ring true and strong
These boys still prove they are determined to pulverize barriers and shackles. They are duly thanked
PARIS MOVE – BLUES MAGAZINE – Patrick Dallongeville – April 2016
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